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I was diagnosed back in October 2016. I’ve been having a lot of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and joint pain. I really didn’t know what was going on. I went to the doctors and they took a lot of tests. Finally I was told about colitis then more tests. Now it’s Crohn’s. I’m feeling better but I was very fatigued. I also am anemic, depressed and have anxiety but it took a while. I was seeing a therapist. It helped a lot. I try to stay positive, pray a lot, be around family and listen to music. It soothes a lot. As well as my hubby and cute cats. I also have kidney stones that are related to the Crohn’s. They are stable but I will have to get surgery. It’s a lot that I don’t understand but I’m making progress. I’m in support groups and talking to people whose problems are much worse than mine. We pray and support. It’s a great group of people. We are warriors. We will beat this.

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