Can prednisone cause weight gain?

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  1. Brooke Abbott moderator says:

    Hi Jb68!

    Yes it can. But it doesn’t always. I never gained weight while on Prednisone. Ever! Almost everyone I’ve known has either gained weight or had the infamous, moon face.

    Again, everyone reacts differently to treatment.

    (crohnsdisease.com Team Member)

  2. SusanHU moderator says:

    Thank you for your question @jb68 and thank you for the answer @grmike5! We actually have a couple of articles about prednisone as well that you might find helpful. It’s something that many of our community members have been on and understand!





    Please keep us posted!

    – Susan (CrohnsDisease.com Team Member)

  3. grmike5 says:

    Yes, between fluid retention and increase in appetite.

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